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By-pass protein in dry cow diets proven to boost milk yields - Farmers Guide

@KWFeeds 25 Mar 17

Maintain performance this summer with Traffordgold - consistent in quality + an ideal balance of digestible fibre -

@KWFeeds 24 Mar 17

View our KW weekly marketing report here:

@KWFeeds 23 Mar 17

Lidl signs up to Back British Farming charter - FarmersWeekly

@KWFeeds 23 Mar 17

A 5% gain in FCE could cut total feed & forage costs by 1200-1600/month for typical 200 cow herd -

@KWFeeds 22 Mar 17

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Commodity Updates

London Wheat (£/t)

24 Mar 18:55

Mar '19 142.80s Array
May '17 147.65s 1.15
Jul '17 148.20s 1.00
Nov '17 137.55s 0.30

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Chicago Soya Meal ($/st)

24 Mar 20:53

May '17 318.2s -2.5
Jul '17 321.4s -2.6
Aug '17 322.0s -2.5
Sep '17 322.0s -2.2

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NYMEX Crude Oil ($/bl)

24 Mar 20:33

May '17 48.09 0.39
Jun '17 48.63 0.37
Jul '17 48.99 0.36
Aug '17 49.23 0.34

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Currencies (£/$)

24 Mar 19:44

N/A 1.2505 -0.0012

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Driving feed efficiency to cut costs? Its not just feeding that matters

First published: 09 Mar 17

Poor feed efficiency is costing many milk producers 1.5-2.5ppl, yet recouping that loss requires both attention to detail and a focus that goes beyond feeding.

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Period of volatility for feed markets puts focus on risk management*

First published: 24 Feb 17

Feed market volatility means greater risk and strong demand for best value feeds, but potential record yields in key growing regions could ease future prices.

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Making feed efficiency a priority is critical to beef unit profitability

First published: 09 Feb 17

Beef cattle convert feed into LWG so much more efficiently when young that to drive early growth and finish sooner are two of the best ways to improve margins.

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Increased feed price volatility set to remain as the New Year starts*

First published: 20 Jan 17

With wheat prices edging higher and protein markets having further to rise than fall, carefully considering forward cover for summer feeds could be a wise move.

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