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Unrelated twin calves born on Gloucestershire farm - Farmers Weekly

@KWFeeds 29 Apr 16

Low prices wiped 1.5bn off farming incomes last year - Farmers Weekly

@KWFeeds 29 Apr 16

Global grain gains eroded as markets fall - Farmers Weekly #clubhectare

@KWFeeds 28 Apr 16

Pressure mounts to exclude beef from EU-Mercosur trade deal - Farmers Weekly #beefgb

@KWFeeds 28 Apr 16

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Commodity Updates

London Wheat (£/t)

29 Apr 19:18

May '16 106.95s +0.35
Jul '16 108.30s +0.10
Nov '16 118.20s -0.20
Jan '17 121.80s -0.20

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Chicago Soya Meal ($/st)

29 Apr 20:53

May '16 332.1s 1.5
Jul '16 334.8s 1.4
Aug '16 334.2s 1.6
Sep '16 333.0s 1.4

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NYMEX Crude Oil ($/bl)

29 Apr 20:33

Jun '16 46.01 -0.02
Jul '16 46.77 -0.10
Aug '16 47.19 -0.16
Sep '16 47.58 -0.14

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Currencies (£/$)

29 Apr 19:44

N/A 1.4609 0.0001

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Daily market commentary: EU

28/04/16 -- EU grains traded mostly firmer to start the week, with May 16 London wheat unchanged at GBP106.60/tonne, May Paris whea...

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Daily market commentary: Chicago

27/04/15 -- Soycomplex: Soybeans recovered from early losses on continued South American production uncertainty and strong US expor...

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Latest articles

Global feed supply continues to grow but further price cuts limited*

First published: 18 Mar 16

Worldwide feed stocks are still rising faster than demand, but current low prices look unlikely to drop much further, and there are risks of some volatility ahead.

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Acidosis at turnout a major threat to rumen function and profitability

First published: 26 Feb 16

Failing to correctly balance the nutrients in spring grass with effective buffer feeding will reduce feed efficiency, milk from forage and income over feed costs (IOFC).

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Using a moist feed during the summer will help support margins

First published: 18 Feb 16

Dairy producers cutting costs during the summer can make feed choices which harm margins, by relying solely on parlour compounds or failing to offer sufficient feed alongside grazed grass.

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Missing early growth potential undermines beef profitability

First published: 25 Jan 16

Missing early growth potential in late-maturing beef cattle due to low ration protein quality extends finishing, increases feed requirements and reduces margins.

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