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Farmer from Kendal wins National Trust award for raw milk

@KWFeeds 25 Aug 16

Worlds most expensive rump steak to go on sale at Aldi

@KWFeeds 25 Aug 16

Course launched to tackle lameness in dairy cows - Farmers Weekly

@KWFeeds 24 Aug 16

Volatile energy and protein markets continue - are you buying best value feeds? Call 01977686286 for info and advice

@KWFeeds 24 Aug 16

Australian July milk output hit by price + weather 'not necessarily a bellwether of season'

@KWFeeds 24 Aug 16

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Commodity Updates

London Wheat (£/t)

25 Aug 14:02

Nov '16 127.50 -0.15
Jan '17 129.60s n/a
Mar '17 131.50 -0.35
May '17 133.45s n/a

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Chicago Soya Meal ($/st)

24 Aug 20:53

Sep '16 331.5s -0.9
Oct '16 329.2s -1.3
Dec '16 326.9s -1.6
Jan '17 324.4s -1.9

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NYMEX Crude Oil ($/bl)

25 Aug 13:33

Oct '16 46.59 -0.18
Nov '16 47.30 -0.18
Dec '16 47.95 -0.21
Jan '17 48.63 -0.18

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Currencies (£/$)

25 Aug 13:56

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Feed choice for extra ration sugars critical to IOFC this winter

First published: 19 Aug 16

Ration sugars will be cricital to maximising feed efficiency and milk from forage this winter, yet most UK dairy diets currently fall short of the required minimum.

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Feed price pressure continues but better value options available*

First published: 29 Jul 16

Forward contracts on winter protein requirements could be vital as increased prices and market volatility continue, and global supply drops closer to demand.

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Invest in autumn feeding or risk loss of yield once cows housed

First published: 25 Jul 16

Losing body condition due to inadequate feeding as grazing intakes drop will cut winter milk income by more than the cost of feeding to fully support autumn production.

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Rising feed markets highlight the value of forward contracts*

First published: 17 Jun 16

Supply pressure and rising feed prices are increasing the focus on better value alternatives and forward contracts for both summer and winter feed requirements.

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