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Temperatures are rising - watch for heat stress in housed cows this weekend. Ventilation + nutritional tweeks req.

@KWFeeds 27 May 16

Retailers told to offer milk in 'food-to-go' deals - Farmers Weekly #dairy

@KWFeeds 27 May 16

Soymeal prices soar to new highs, as US supply tightens - agrimoney

@KWFeeds 27 May 16

UK wheat exports to hit-seven year high - agrimoney

@KWFeeds 27 May 16

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Commodity Updates

London Wheat (£/t)

27 May 19:18

Jul '16 106.55s +0.05
Nov '16 116.70s +0.15
Jan '17 119.40s +0.15
Mar '17 120.80s +0.05

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Chicago Soya Meal ($/st)

27 May 20:53

Jul '16 402.6s -7.0
Aug '16 388.7s -4.4
Sep '16 381.1s -0.3
Oct '16 375.9s 1.0

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NYMEX Crude Oil ($/bl)

27 May 20:33

Jul '16 49.41 -0.07
Aug '16 49.81 -0.07
Sep '16 50.20 -0.03
Oct '16 50.45 -0.09

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Currencies (£/$)

27 May 19:44

N/A 1.4610 -0.0054

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Daily market commentary: EU

26/05/16 -- EU grains mostly higher on better than expetced demand and lower 2015/16 ending stocks than originally feared. Fr...

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Daily market commentary: Chicago

25/05/16 -- Soycomplex: Beans and meal posted strong gains, with the front end leading the march higher. The continuous meal chart ...

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Latest articles

Rethink feeding to lower costs without damaging milk output

First published: 13 May 16

Even with lower purchased feed use whilst grazing, poor feed choice could be costing milk producers 1ppl or more this summer, with many losing more than they gain.

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Rallying soyabean price brings volatility to UK feed markets*

First published: 06 May 16

Recent soyabean meal price rises and volatility following poor weather in Argentina increased interest in forward contracts and alternatives like SoyPass.

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Global feed supply continues to grow but further price cuts limited*

First published: 18 Mar 16

Worldwide feed stocks are still rising faster than demand, but current low prices look unlikely to drop much further, and there are risks of some volatility ahead.

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Acidosis at turnout a major threat to rumen function and profitability

First published: 26 Feb 16

Failing to correctly balance the nutrients in spring grass with effective buffer feeding will reduce feed efficiency, milk from forage and income over feed costs (IOFC).

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