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Summer feeding essential for heifers to maintain 0.70-0.85kg/day growth needed to calve at 22-24 months -

@KWFeeds 24 Jun 17

Mineral deficiency or over-supply can be costly, ensure the right supplementation for your performance targets. Con

@KWFeeds 23 Jun 17

Heat stress challenges? Take advantage of our new offer! For every pallet of Equaliser purchased receive two promotional bags 01977 686262

@KWFeeds 21 Jun 17

@ASuddes @philasbury Hi Andrew, headline gets reader to open link, article expands + explains. Median age at 1st ca

@KWFeeds 21 Jun 17

@philasbury We're on the same page then! Articles like this are aimed at raising awareness in those not meeting targets and why not ^MS

@KWFeeds 20 Jun 17

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Commodity Updates

London Wheat (£/t)

23 Jun 18:55

Jul '17 143.70s 0.70
Nov '17 146.50s 0.70
Jan '18 148.10s 0.40
Mar '18 150.20s 0.10

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Chicago Soya Meal ($/st)

23 Jun 20:53

Jul '17 293.6s -0.2
Aug '17 295.1s -0.3
Sep '17 295.9s -0.6
Oct '17 296.1s -0.2

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NYMEX Crude Oil ($/bl)

23 Jun 20:33

Aug '17 43.02 0.28
Sep '17 43.29 0.32
Oct '17 43.52 0.33
Nov '17 43.82 0.37

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Currencies (£/$)

23 Jun 19:44

N/A 1.2725 0.0045

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Summer growth critical to heifer performance post-calving

First published: 20 Jun 17

Maintaining summer heifer growth is vital for 22-24 month calving, with any extra feed cost far less than the losses associated with later entry into the herd.

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Protein prices continue downward trend, but risk of a rise remains*

First published: 02 Jun 17

Downward pressure on protein feed prices continues, but there's still considerable potential for volatility so forward contracts will be key to risk management.

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Rising cost of fats forces interest in alternative feeding strategies

First published: 15 May 17

Reducing reliance on rumen-protected fats and instead boosting feed utilisation efficiency is a top priority for milk producers as fat costs continue to rise.

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Rising global feed production but feed value still top priority*

First published: 24 Apr 17

Despite potentially large global cereal crops, tightening availability in the UK is putting the focus on better value alternatives to reduce overall feed costs.

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