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US soyabean crop off to a great start, but bumper crop essential to make up 18mmt shortfall from Argentine harvest.

@KWFeeds 16 Aug 18

Protein prices still down, but considerable risk of rebound if US soyabeans affected by weather taking good winte

@KWFeeds 14 Aug 18

KW give a massive thank you to British farmers for all their hard work! Thank you for feeding our nation #Farm24

@KWFeeds 9 Aug 18

Avoid SARA as heat stress causes cows to cut forage intakes by using high energy digestible fibre feeds like moist

@KWFeeds 7 Aug 18

Heat stress risk high, especially in direct sunlight or crowded yards. Watch for cows with respiration rates raised

@KWFeeds 6 Aug 18

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Commodity Updates

London Wheat (£/t)

15 Aug 18:55

Nov '18 182.65s -4.25
Jan '19 184.65s -4.15
Mar '19 187.70s -4.05
May '19 187.70s -4.30

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Chicago Soya Meal ($/st)

15 Aug 20:53

Sep '18 329.5s -6.3
Oct '18 330.1s -6.5
Dec '18 331.3s -6.5
Jan '19 329.8s -5.6

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NYMEX Crude Oil ($/bl)

16 Aug 08:33

Sep '18 65.06 0.05
Oct '18 64.53 0.07
Nov '18 64.33 0.09
Dec '18 64.12 0.12

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Currencies (£/$)

16 Aug 08:33

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Falling Argentine soyabean crop estimates are adding to pressure on protein feed markets, as are tight mid-protein supply and delayed turnout in the UK.

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