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The most forward thinking farms continually plan feed needs & track market trends up to 18 months ahead

@KWFeeds 17 Sep 17

Average grass protein is 25% ensure you have enough safe fermentable energy in your buffer feed to capture it. Ca

@KWFeeds 15 Sep 17

Good market information and constant forward planning key to managing exposure to feed market volatility

@KWFeeds 13 Sep 17

Golden Flake is a high energy, palatable, rumen-protected fat & is used as a yield enhancer & body condition booste

@KWFeeds 12 Sep 17

The most forward thinking farms continually plan feed needs & track market trends up to 18 months ahead

@KWFeeds 9 Sep 17

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Commodity Updates

London Wheat (£/t)

20 Sep 18:55

Nov '17 140.85s 0.95
Jan '18 143.15s 0.95
Mar '18 145.10s 0.95
May '18 146.80s 0.95

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Chicago Soya Meal ($/st)

20 Sep 20:53

Oct '17 306.3s 1.3
Dec '17 310.1s 1.4
Jan '18 312.1s 1.5
Mar '18 315.0s 1.5

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NYMEX Crude Oil ($/bl)

20 Sep 20:33

Oct '17 50.41s 0.93
Nov '17 50.66 0.76
Dec '17 50.99 0.75
Jan '18 51.23 0.73

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Currencies (£/$)

20 Sep 18:33

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Planning at least 1-2 seasons ahead critical for good feed buying

First published: 25 Aug 17

The volatility of modern feed markets means good forward plans, accurate market information and strategic forward buying are key to controlling costs and risk.

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Optimise post-calving management to maximise cow profitability

First published: 18 Aug 17

Management and nutrition during the first eight weeks in milk are just as critical to lactation performance, cow health and fertility as the pre-calving period.

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Minimising substitution rate key to maximum buffer feed returns

First published: 25 Jul 17

With current milk prices offering the opportunity for most to boost profits, understanding how to maximise returns from buffer feeding is critical this autumn.

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Feed outlook* - Jul 2017

First published: 11 Jul 17

Adverse weather in the UK and elsewhere is already affecting commodity feed prices, and theres potential for even greater market volatility going forwards.

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