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NovaPro rumen-protected rapeseed expeller vs. soyabean meal? No contest! Virtually identical DUP supply for less /

@KWFeeds 9 Dec 18

Ration energy density critical to meeting beef LWG & fat cover targets rations based on typical 10.0-11.0MJ ME/kg

@KWFeeds 7 Dec 18

Bypass protein based on rapeseed expeller (NovaPro) higher in energy plus better protein digestibility vs. rapeseed

@KWFeeds 6 Dec 18

Rapemeal prices have come back, but high protein liquids like Regumaize 44 often still better value once extra ener

@KWFeeds 5 Dec 18

Daily yields up as much as 1.7 L/cow when soyabean meal replaced with NovaPro rumen-protected rapemeal according to

@KWFeeds 4 Dec 18

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Commodity Updates

London Wheat (£/t)

10 Dec 18:55

Jan '19 173.30s 0.80
Mar '19 175.95s 1.10
May '19 178.00s 1.40
Jul '19 180.30s 1.70

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Chicago Soya Meal ($/st)

10 Dec 20:53

Dec '18 307.9s -1.2
Jan '19 310.0s -1.2
Mar '19 313.9s -0.8
May '19 317.4s -0.7

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NYMEX Crude Oil ($/bl)

11 Dec 07:33

Jan '19 51.01 0.01
Feb '19 51.19 -0.01
Mar '19 51.39 -0.01
Apr '19 51.67 0.02

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Currencies (£/$)

11 Dec 06:33

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Feed Outlook* - November 2018

First published: 12 Nov 18

Lower global wheat production means world stocks will fall, but the end of bioethanol production the UK is reducing domestic demand and prices have yet to lift.

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Feed Outlook* - October 2018

First published: 26 Oct 18

Reduced UK mid-protein supply and uncertainty around the US soyabean harvest are making any remaining protein requirements for the winter a priority for many.

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More accurate feeding can cut pollution and boost margins

First published: 12 Oct 18

Poor feed choice can add 1015p/head to daily feed costs, reduce carcase quality and increase finishing times, seriously undermining beef margins.

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Secure winter feeds now to replace silage fed this summer

First published: 24 Aug 18

With heat stress capable of reducing feed intake, butterfats and milk yields even at 20C, changes to rations and herd management are essential to maintain milk output.

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