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TMR mixing errors of 5% per ingredient reported as common - staff buy-in vital to ration accuracy [

@KWFeeds 13 Dec 17

Losing 2.5ppl to poor ration design and presentation can cost a 200-cow herd 15,000 just 100 days #KWArticle

@KWFeeds 11 Dec 17

Poor rations could be losing you 1.5-2.5ppl...the key is greater focus on ration design and presentation

@KWFeeds 6 Dec 17

Great morning at @AgriScot so far! Dont forget to stop by

@KWFeeds 15 Nov 17

Don't miss us @AgriScot on wednesday, we are in the highland hall stand 49! Come along for a visit #kwfeeds

@KWFeeds 12 Nov 17

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Commodity Updates

London Wheat (£/t)

14 Dec 18:55

Jan '18 137.90s 0.40
Mar '18 140.40s 0.20
May '18 141.60s 0.00
Jul '18 143.60s 0.00

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Chicago Soya Meal ($/st)

14 Dec 20:53

Dec '17 321.2s -3.9
Jan '18 321.6s -5.2
Mar '18 325.6s -5.3
May '18 328.1s -5.1

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NYMEX Crude Oil ($/bl)

14 Dec 20:33

Jan '18 57.09 0.49
Feb '18 57.13 0.54
Mar '18 57.07 0.57
Apr '18 56.95 0.55

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Currencies (£/$)

14 Dec 18:33

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Intake consistency a critical factor in reducing feed costs per litre

First published: 12 Dec 17

Attention to detail is the key to minimising ration inconsistency, which can negatively impact rumen efficiency, feed costs per litre and herd performance.

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Ten steps to more efficient rations that lower feed costs

First published: 27 Nov 17

Poorly designed and presented rations can lose milk producers as much as 1.5-2.5ppl, yet with greater attention to ration detail much of that can be regained.

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Feed Outlook* - Oct 2017

First published: 30 Oct 17

The impact on feed prices of a possible record US soyabean harvest and huge Russian wheat crop continues to drive interest in extending forward cover.

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Feed Outlook* - Sep 2017

First published: 22 Sep 17

A bumper Russian wheat harvest has pushed energy feed prices lower, but US wheat quality issues and a poor Australian crop may cause prices to rally.

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