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What are your herd priorities? Each unplanned cull can cost 1,0001,200. Lowering replacement rate could have a bi

@KWFeeds 15 Jan 19

Lower fertility means less income and higher costs, some more obvious than others. Too often losses outweigh gains

@KWFeeds 10 Jan 19

KW Feeds will be at @RiponFarmServ New Year show! Come along and visit us at the 2 day show 10am-5pm 16th & 17th Ja

@KWFeeds 8 Jan 19

Poor fertility can cost 3.5ppl but few actually work it out. Thats could be worth 70,000/year to a typical 10,000

@KWFeeds 7 Jan 19

Have you checked your silage stocks recently? KW can assess and provide a solution to suit you. For more informatio

@KWFeeds 28 Dec 18

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Commodity Updates

London Wheat (£/t)

18 Jan 18:55

Jan '19 168.35s 0.10
Mar '19 171.20s 0.10
May '19 173.10s 0.10
Jul '19 174.75s -0.25

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Chicago Soya Meal ($/st)

18 Jan 20:53

Mar '19 315.1s 2.9
May '19 318.6s 2.8
Aug '19 323.8s 2.7
Sep '19 325.1s 2.7

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NYMEX Crude Oil ($/bl)

18 Jan 20:33

Feb '19 53.80 1.73
Mar '19 54.05 1.69
Apr '19 54.29 1.60
May '19 54.65 1.54

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Currencies (£/$)

18 Jan 18:33

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?Understanding rumen-bypass protein requirements and options

First published: 17 Jan 19

Rumen-bypass protein is essential to meet the needs of high-yielding dairy cows, but poor feed choice can mean higher costs, more waste and lower performance.

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Poor fertility costing herds dearly, but improved feeding can help

First published: 04 Jan 19

Few milk producers fully calculate the cost of poor fertility, which can cost herds as much as 3.5ppl, but improved feeding in early lactation can help.

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Feed Outlook* - December 2018

First published: 20 Dec 18

A weak Sterling, Brexit uncertainties and the ongoing US:China trade war continue to increase feed market volatility and prices for UK livestock farmers.

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Feed Outlook* - November 2018

First published: 12 Nov 18

Lower global wheat production means world stocks will fall, but the end of bioethanol production the UK is reducing domestic demand and prices have yet to lift.

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