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Heat stress cuts fibre intake, lifts respiration rate, raises rumen acidity and cuts milk fat production #KWArticle

@KWFeeds 14 Jul 18

With rumen fibre digestion rumen compromised any time pH<5.8, avoiding SARA critical to summer butterfats #KWArticle

@KWFeeds 11 Jul 18

Poor fibre digestion = low summer butterfats, so avoid low fibre or high oil in diet, heat stress or SARA #kwarticle

@KWFeeds 9 Jul 18

Feeling stressed in this hot spell? Your cows are too. 7500 cows are already benefiting from Equaliser CoolCow. C

@KWFeeds 5 Jul 18

Lower summer butterfat % can cost up to 1ppl but can be minimised with right feeding & herd management

@KWFeeds 4 Jul 18

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Commodity Updates

London Wheat (£/t)

20 Jul 18:55

Nov '18 175.50s 2.00
Jan '19 178.35s 2.25
Mar '19 181.30s 2.50
May '19 181.25s 2.60

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Chicago Soya Meal ($/st)

20 Jul 20:53

Aug '18 326.9s -1.9
Sep '18 325.6s -1.8
Oct '18 324.9s -1.7
Dec '18 324.6s -1.5

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NYMEX Crude Oil ($/bl)

20 Jul 20:33

Aug '18 70.46s 1.00
Sep '18 68.17 -0.07
Oct '18 66.59 0.06
Nov '18 66.14 0.15

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Currencies (£/$)

20 Jul 18:33

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The escalating trade war between the US and China has brought new levels of uncertainty to commodity feed markets, with protein prices dropping sharply.

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Feed Outlook* - May 2018

First published: 25 May 18

With tight supply continuing the upward pressure on energy and protein feed prices, both summer feed buying and plans for next winter need to be well underway.

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Feed Outlook* - Apr 2018

First published: 13 Apr 18

Falling Argentine soyabean crop estimates are adding to pressure on protein feed markets, as are tight mid-protein supply and delayed turnout in the UK.

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Feed Outlook* - Mar 2018

First published: 23 Mar 18

With a reduced Argentine soyabean crop lifting protein feed prices, theres a focus on forward cover to manage risk for both summer and winter requirements.

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