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Thanks for having us @PhilipMetcalfe1 Amazing set up and attention to detail. KW staff learning about the benefits

@KWFeeds 19 Feb 18

Global weather concerns will cause feed price volatility again in 2018, managing risk is critical #KWArticle

@KWFeeds 30 Jan 18

Extra supply of draff and pot ale syrup, an opportunity for those still needing winter protein [] #KWArticle

@KWFeeds 12 Jan 18

Winter soyabean meal volatile but summer price more stable. Consider some cover now to reduce upside risk [

@KWFeeds 10 Jan 18

Wheat distillers feed jumped 8-10/t after Vivergo shutdown news, booking winter proteins now a priority [

@KWFeeds 8 Jan 18

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Commodity Updates

London Wheat (£/t)

19 Feb 17:02

Mar '18 135.50y n/a
May '18 139.00 0.35
Jul '18 140.35y n/a
Nov '18 143.50 0.55

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Chicago Soya Meal ($/st)

16 Feb 20:53

Mar '18 373.3s -0.4
May '18 376.0s 0.5
Jul '18 373.8s 1.6
Aug '18 368.4s 2.0

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NYMEX Crude Oil ($/bl)

19 Feb 16:33

Mar '18 62.45 0.77
Apr '18 62.43 0.88
May '18 62.08 0.88
Jun '18 61.61 0.88

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Currencies (£/$)

19 Feb 16:33

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Feed Outlook* - Jan 2018

First published: 19 Jan 18

With global weather patterns set to impact feed markets again in 2018, spotting relevant buying opportunities and managing price volatility will be critical.

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Feed Outlook* - Dec 2017

First published: 20 Dec 17

The increase in UK protein prices seen in recent weeks has highlighted the need for any remaining winter protein feed buying to become a high priority.

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Intake consistency a critical factor in reducing feed costs per litre

First published: 12 Dec 17

Attention to detail is the key to minimising ration inconsistency, which can negatively impact rumen efficiency, feed costs per litre and herd performance.

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Ten steps to more efficient rations that lower feed costs

First published: 27 Nov 17

Poorly designed and presented rations can lose milk producers as much as 1.5-2.5ppl, yet with greater attention to ration detail much of that can be regained.

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