“Buying a blend from KW is easier and it’s great quality.”

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KW blends are a quality product matched with excellent service, plus the convenience and cost savings of self-collection, explains Jersey milk producer Aaron Spence.

“Buying a blend from KW means you’re buying a quality product – you can buy cheaper, but you’re not better off!

“I can’t fault the quality of the feeds that are in the blend. It’s always fresh, and I know the people working at the KW blending site are onto it straight away if anything’s not right. We’ve never had any issues with quality, but I know they’d sort it quickly if there was.”

Aaron buys 12t of blend from KW every 2–3 weeks, depending on the season and what they’re feeding. It’s a great relationship and everyone gets on, he explains. 

Flexible delivery options

“We haven’t got a bin to blow a blend into, so any delivery would have to be tipped outside and then moved into the shed. But with KW we can collect it ourselves from the blending site, then once home back the trailer into the shed and tip it straight away.

I can’t fault the quality of the feeds that are in the blend.

“It fantastically well, and I’ve had the same great relationship with everyone who’s worked a the blending site. I put the order in to Simon [Pickard] by phone for the day I want to collect. Then on the morning of collection I call the blending site to see what time they want me to arrive. 

“If the blending site is busy, they’ll call me beforehand to ask me if I can come a day before or a day after. I’m happy to be flexible if I’ve not run out, and that works both ways,” he adds.

Saving on costs

The only things Aaron has delivered are pressed pulp and minerals. If he can fetch it himself, he will. 

“Collecting our blend directly from the KW blending site is easier and more flexible – I’m not waiting around for a delivery, I can arrange collection times directly with the blend site and leave it in the trailer until we’ve finished what’s in the shed so what we’re feeding is always fresh. Plus it gets me away from the farm for a while!”

Top quality service

It also saves money and it’s only a 45–50 minutes for Aaron on the tractor. When he started buying the blend from KW, he discussed whether he should collect the blend himself. He worked out that the money he’d save on delivery would pay for a trailer in six months!

Course blend image
A KW custom blend can be tailored to match nutrient requirements.

“If people ask about buying blends from KW, I always say is that we can’t fault the service,” Aaron continues. “No concentrate is cheap these days, so you want it to be ‘exactly what it says on the tin’. 

“We can fetch it or have it delivered (though we’ve never done that), and always get great service and a great blend – I’ve got no inclination to look anywhere else!”

Aaron Spence and his wife Sally run the 110 pedigree Jerseys at D M Liggins & Son, Cosby, Leicestershire, currently averaging 7,000 litres/cow.

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