Poorly targeted nutrition risks beef penalties of up to £200/head

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Losses due to out-of-specification carcases is a major drain on finishing margins, but can be largely avoided by better matching rations to cattle requirements.

According to the latest AHDB data available, only 57% of prime cattle carcases fell within conformation classes E – R and fat scores 1 – 4L.

Feeding excess starch and insufficient protein will produce overfat carcases in native breeds especially, whilst continental cattle need more protein than many realise.

Aim to more accurately meet energy and protein requirements, using best value rations that maintain good rumen function and so improve efficiency and consistency of finish.

Key facts & figures:

  • 43% of cattle carcases sampled by AHDB1 in 2018 were out-of-specification

  • 40-50p/kg DCW2 penalties can add up to £200 for a continental beef carcase

  • Even at conservative estimates, losses could total £38.6 million annually

  • For extra starch, consider processed bread, SweetStarch or maize germ

  • Balance energy supply with digestible fibre feeds such as soya hulls

  • Traffordgold and ReguPro 38 supply energy, protein and lift intakes

1Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board
2Dead carcase weight

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