Missing early growth potential undermines beef profitability

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Missing early growth potential in late-maturing beef cattle due to low ration protein quality extends finishing, increases feed requirements and reduces margins.

Time to slaughter, quality of finish and feed cost per kg gain can all be improved by driving early lean growth. This is achieved by boosting metabolisable protein (MP) supply during the first five months of growth, when feed conversion is most efficient.

To increase MP supply, optimise rumen fermentation and feed higher quality protein. The additional rumen-bypass protein will lift MP supply and help maintain it during times of stress, such as following weaning or group changes.

Key facts & figures:

  • 10% early growth loss potentially increases finishing times by 14 days

  • Slower overall growth can mean 220kg extra feed required to finish

  • Increased rumen-bypass protein (DUP 1) supply the key to fast lean growth

  • Maintain 15-17% crude protein target in the grower ration

  • Use maize distillers’ feed, rapeseed meal or soyabean meal for more DUP 1

  • Option to feed dedicated DUP 1 supplements such as SoyPass or NovaPro

1 Digestible undegraded protein

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