Poor feed choice costing milk producers 1ppl or more this summer

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Even with reduced purchased feed use whilst grazing, poor feed choice could be costing milk producers 1ppl or more this summer, claims KW senior nutritionist Mark Scott. And it’s a loss few can afford to ignore.

“If you offered any UK dairy farmer a 1ppl bonus on the current milk price, they wouldn’t hesitate for a moment,” he highlights. “Yet the vast majority are missing out on similar gains because they still aren’t using the feeds that offer best value.”

“…the best value feeds can reduce feed costs per litre…”

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Traffordgold is a great source of digestible fibre and high quality protein.

By supplying nutrients at a lower unit cost than many traditional straights, the best value feeds can reduce feed costs per litre without negatively affecting milk output.

“For example, swapping 3.5kg FW/cow of parlour compound for 6.25kg FW/cow of Traffordgold cereal-gluten moist feed (to provide the same dry matter intake) would save 0.75ppl at 25 litres/cow,” Mr Scott explains. “Similarly, replacing 2.5kg FW/cow of rolled wheat with 3.0kg FW/cow of processed bread will supply the same level starch, a similar level of metabolisable protein, yet cost 0.2ppl less.

“Remember that even low input, grazing-based systems typically feed the equivalent of 1t/cow of concentrate to support yield and fertility in early lactation, and excessive cutting back of feed use will lose more than it gains. Instead, maximise income over feed costs (IOFC) by making sure that what you do feed delivers the very best value and returns possible.”

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