Rethink feeding to lower costs without damaging milk output

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Even with lower purchased feed use whilst grazing, poor feed choice could be costing milk producers 1ppl or more this summer, with many losing more than they gain.

With milk from grazing realistically limited to 15-17 litres/cow, buffer feeding is essential to protect production, both now and next winter.

Ensuring the feeds used to balance rumen nutrient supply and maximise milk from forage also deliver best value and returns is the key to lifting income over feed costs (IOFC).

For example, Traffordgold, ProtoTec, SoyPass and processed bread all currently supply nutrients at a lower unit cost than many traditional straights.

“Ensuring the feeds used…deliver best value and returns is the key…”

Key facts & figures:

          • Focus on feed efficiency and feed value, not cost per tonne

          • Support rumen function to maximise conversion of forage into milk output

          • Make the most of low-cost grazing, but not at the expense of IOFC 1

          • Feeding Traffordgold in place of parlour compound is worth 0.75ppl 2

          • Replacing hi-pro soyabean meal with ProtoTec can save 0.4ppl 2

          • Replacing rolled wheat with processed bread could cut costs by 0.2ppl 2

1Income over feed costs
2Price calculations correct at time of writing and subject to change, based on 29t tipped bulk loads delivered on-farm May to June within 50 miles of origin

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