Feed Outlook* – August 2018

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Taking good levels of winter cover now will be critical to manage the risk of ongoing feed market volatility and increasingly limited feed availability.

The dry weather means many feeds are no longer available for summer delivery, and selling out fast for the winter. Overall global feed supply also remains tight compared to demand.

Protein prices dropped in response to the US-China trade war, but any concerns regarding US soyabean output will trigger a rebound, likely driven hard by the investment funds.

The potential for further price falls is limited, but the risk of increases is considerable, particularly given possible Brexit effects on Sterling’s value against the US dollar.

Key facts & figures:

  • US-China trade war affecting US exports and market confidence

  • USDA year-end soyabean carry-out stock estimates increased to 98mt1

  • Argentinean soyabean output down 18mt1, crush volumes severely cut

  • European rapemeal supply down, winter prices up around £20/t

  • ProtoTec still worth considering for DUP2 as value same as soyabean meal

  • Book early to secure reduced supplies of sugar beet feed and soya hulls

1 million tonnes
2 digestible undegraded protein

* Prices correct at the time of writing and subject to change. Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are for 29t tipped bulk loads delivered on-farm within 50 miles of origin.

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