Feed market outlook – Aug 2019

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Image of soyabean growing crop

Brexit negotiations, the unresolved US:China trade war and emerging US crops are adding potential volatility to global feed markets despite prices easing.

Chinese soyabean demand may still be much reduced due to the swine flu epidemic, but the US soyabean crop is smaller than last year and has yet to get through the critical establishment phase. The US corn crop faces the same uncertainty.

Despite a good overall outlook for global feed supply, there’s greater potential for prices to rise than fall. Consider securing feed requirements for the next 2–3 months, and look for dips in winter prices during the coming weeks.

Key facts & figures:

  • US soyabean area estimated at around 80ma1 versus 89.2ma1 last year

  • Brazilian soyabean exports down 30% due to reduced Chinese demand

  • Favourable weather means good UK wheat harvest forecast at 15.5–16.0mt2

  • UK-produced rapeseed expeller and NovaPro unaffected by exchange rates

  • Wheatfeed very competitive for August and September delivery

  • Processed bread and Formula One worth considering for the summer

1 million acres
2 million tonnes

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