Feed Outlook* – Dec 2017

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Soyabean seedlings

The increase in UK protein prices seen in recent weeks has highlighted the need for any remaining winter protein feed buying to become a high priority.

Global and UK feed markets reacted to news of potential dry weather that may affect the Argentinean soyabean crop and the closure of Vivergo’s Hull bioethanol plant.

Prices for the summer and next winter were less affected and remain at relatively low levels. With considerable risk of an upswing, taking at least some cover could be advisable.

The same holds true for energy feeds, as any restart to Vivergo operations could cause UK cereal – and energy feed – prices to rise in early 2018.

Key facts & figures:

  • Soyabean planting in Argentina 38% complete, 84% complete in Brazil

  • Rising threat of El Nina weather effect according to Reuters

  • Winter contract prices for soyabean meal £25/t above recent lows

  • Regumaize 44 and Regupro 50 liquid feeds an option worth investigating

  • SweetStarch remains a good value alternative to rolled cereals

  • Additional supplies of draff and pot ale syrup available in the New Year

* Prices correct at the time of writing and subject to change. Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are for 29t tipped bulk loads delivered on-farm within 50 miles of origin.

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