Feed market outlook* – Jul 2019

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With firming UK feed prices and potential volatility ahead, the focus for many is on finalising summer feed buying as well as securing initial winter contracts.

Protein prices in particular have risen despite the market’s general confidence in overall global supply going forward. The weak value of Sterling continues to affect imported feed prices, exaggerating any lift in global prices.

Many feeds are at levels significantly higher than earlier in the year. However, most are still well below the highs seen in recent years, and there remains greater scope for prices to rise than fall. Consider opportunities to buy in any price dips that do occur.

Key facts & figures:

  • US soyabean plantings catching up after earlier delays – now 92% complete

  • Good Argentinean soyabean harvest and continued low demand from China

  • Higher than normal US soyabean stocks at 1.79 billion bushels

  • Weather effects on US crop establishment could increase price volatility

  • SugaRich Dairy and SweetStarch now similar price to soya hulls for summer

  • NovaPro still better value than soyabean meal for rumen-bypass protein

* Prices correct at the time of writing and subject to change. Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are for 29t tipped bulk loads delivered on-farm within 50 miles of origin.

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