Feed market outlook – Sep 2019

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Despite the impact of Brexit negotiations on exchange rates, current UK feed prices are looking very competitive compared to the summer and last winter.

However, a lot of uncertainty remains, and not only due to currency volatility. The US:China trade war is ongoing, post-Brexit tariffs may significantly impact UK farm incomes and new cases of Asian Swine Flu are being reported outside China.

Taking a good level of winter feed cover now to manage those risks is definitely worth serious consideration. Treat the ‘basket’ of feeds needed as a whole, and look for opportunities to secure portions of each feed as prices look good.

Key facts & figures:

  • Global wheat production lower, but overall grain supply appears adequate

  • World soyabean prices near historic lows so limited scope for further falls

  • 10% drop in Sterling value could add similar amount to imported feed prices

  • UK-produced rapeseed expeller less affected by exchange rate than imports

  • Processed bread and SugaRich Dairy good value options for starch

  • NovaPro better value for rumen-bypass protein than soyabean meal

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