Consistent high performance the key to beef system’s success

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Using moist feeds to finish beef at Northumberland’s Lilburn Estate produces remarkably consistent results, and in a way that’s sustainable and highly profitable.

After weaning at 6 months, bulls are finished in seven months and one week using a ration based on moist co-product feeds not cereals. All bulls reared come from the Estate’s Stabiliser suckler herd, and are a mix of Angus crosses and purebred Stabilisers.

In a trial comparing the current moist mix-based system with an alternative ration utilising home-grown barley plus a high-protein supplement, bulls took six weeks longer to finish and mortality rose from the usual 2% to 9%.

Key facts & figures:

  • Moist feed-based finishing of 1,240 bulls and 1,000 heifers each year

  • Bulls slaughtered at just over 13 months of age at 365kg DCW (55% KO) 

  • Predominantly R4s, with approximately 35% Us, depending on breed

  • Each bull eats around 2.6t of moist mix, average of 12kg/hd/day

  • 6:2:1 mix of Traffordgold, Maxibeet and processed bread moist feeds

  • Vitamin and mineral premix includes Vistacell live yeast and rumen buffer

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