Opportunity to cut beef ration costs being overlooked by many

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Poor feed choice could be costing beef producers 10-15p/head in daily ration costs, a loss that can add up to more than £900/month for a 200-head unit, claims KW nutritionist Dr Anna Sutcliffe.

“Improved feed selection can also improve carcase conformation for better returns, and shorten finishing times for a quicker turnover of cattle and more finished each year,” she explains. “The key is to choose feeds that delivery best value in terms of cost per kg of growth, not £/t.”

Traditional beef rations are often based on low quality forages – such as big bale silage, maize silage, wholecrop cereal silage or straw – supplemented with rolled cereals. Although relatively inexpensive, such rations are poor value, typically low in protein, relatively unpalatable and often pose a high risk of acidosis.

Regumaize 44 liquid feed
Feeding Regumaize 44 can be a cost-effective way to boost ration protein levels and intakes.

“What’s needed is a different approach that lowers the cost of growth by improving feed efficiency and boosting growth rates,” Dr Sutcliffe continues.

“Some of the best opportunities at present come from the high protein distillery syrups or molasses blends, such as Spey Syrup or Regumaize 44. With a higher energy content than rapemeal, they’re a more cost-effective way to provide much-needed protein as well as improved palatability, plus the savings made will more than cover the cost of installing a liquid storage tank.”

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