Liquid protein opportunity to boost beef ration value and margins

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Poor feed choice can add 10–15p/head to daily feed costs, reduce carcase quality and increase finishing times, seriously undermining beef margins.

Traditional rations based on low quality forages plus cereals are generally poor value, low in protein and pose a higher risk of acidosis. Instead, focus on feeds that lower the cost of each kg of growth by offering better value, improved feed efficiency and faster growth.

Some of the best opportunities at present come from using the high protein distillery syrups or molasses blends. With greater energy than rapemeal, they’re more cost-effective in the ration, plus add much-needed palatability.

Key facts & figures:

  • Poor feed choice can cost a 200-head beef unit more than £900/month

  • Finishing rations need to supply at least 13-15% CP1 for efficient growth

  • Total ration cost per kg of growth and fast finishing more important than £/t

  • Liquid feeds a great opportunity to cut costs and boost beef unit performance

  • Spey Syrup better value than rapemeal once extra energy taken into account

  • ReguPro 38 and Regumaize 44 molasses-based alternatives also good value

1 Crude protein

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