Consider options now to counter impact of late autumn grazing

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Grazing dairy cow

Milk producers are being urged to check feed stocks and consider contingency plans in case extended autumn grazing and minimal regrowth since housing delays turnout.

The impact should be considered while there’s still time to adapt winter feeding plans to counter potential feed shortages.

Assess silage stocks, and estimate when new crop silage will be available – first cut may also be delayed. Reserves of maize silage are important for spring buffer feeding, so change rations and source additional starch if needed.

Moist feeds and blends make excellent ration extenders. Consider forward contracts to secure supplies of feeds with limited availability.

“Moist feeds and blends make excellent ration extenders…”

Key facts & figures:

  • 4-6 weeks extra autumn grazing helped reduce early winter feed costs

  • Unless spring weather favourable, turnout could be delayed 2-3 weeks

  • In two weeks, a housed 200-cow herd will consume 56t DM1 worth nearly £9,000

  • Feed Traffordgold or Wessex Gold as high-energy, mid-protein ration extenders

  • SweetStarch and SugaRich Dairy are great value if extra starch is needed

  • ProtoTec is more cost-effective than soyabean meal for rumen-bypass protein

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