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Poorly considered cutting of feed inputs in reaction to recent milk price cuts could see any gains quickly overtaken by losses in cow performance, health and fertility.

Focus on feed value, not cost per tonne, formulating rations to improve feed efficiency and optimises milk quality within contract requirements. Greater precision in mixing rations and meeting cow requirements will further reduce feed costs per litre.

For example, for energy, consider high sugar liquid feeds like Rouxminate and Economol that will also increase palatability and drive intakes. Question every aspect of the ration and challenge suppliers to ensure it’s providing best value.

“…focus on feed value, not cost…formulating rations to improve feed efficiency…”

Key facts & figures:

  • Ill-considered feed cutbacks can cost more in lost performance and health

  • 0.1% lower butterfats can cost £4,000 across 2 million litres milk1

  • 800 litre lower lactation yield is a loss of £35,000/annum across 200 cows2

  • Focus on feed value and rations that improve feed efficiency and milk value

  • DUP in SoyPass is currently 34% less expensive than in hi-pro soyabean meal

  • Traffordgold price equivalent to just £155-165/tonne for a dry compound feed

1based 0.2ppl cut per 0.1% butterfat drop
2based on a 415 day calving index

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