Using a moist feed during the summer will help support margins

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Dairy producers cutting costs during the summer can make feed choices which harm margins, by relying solely on parlour compounds or failing to offer sufficient feed alongside grazed grass.

Grass-only diets don’t meet nutritional needs of many dairy herds to maintain optimum fertility and milk production. This can result in weight loss, production and fertility reduction, which reduce margins. But supplementing with a dry compound feed is expensive and nutritionally compromising.

Moist feeds like Traffordgold are more cost-effective than compound dry feeds and won’t reduce forage utilisation, helping maintain production and fertility and improving margins.

“Moist feeds…maintain production and fertility and improve producer margins”

Key facts & figures:

  • Traffordgold palatability/nutrient profile demonstrates value over dried

  • 15% higher metabolisable energy than brewers’ grains

  • Reduces rumen negative effects of high pulse compound feeding rates

  • Replaces up to 4kg compounds/cow with 8kg Traffordgold

  • Reduces dry concentrate feed costs (compounds & dry feeds)

  • Consistent, repeatable, manufactured product

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