Optimise post-calving management to maximise cow profitability

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Management and nutrition during the first eight weeks in milk are just as critical to lactation performance, cow health and fertility as the pre-calving period.

Attention to detail throughout the transition period is therefore essential. Match nutrition to cow requirements and maximise cow comfort by minimising factors like group changes, overcrowding and heat stress.

Optimise dry matter and energy intake, nutrient balance and rumen function. Boost ration palatability and energy density using high quality forages, plus moist and liquid feeds.

Balance the ration with digestible fibre, rumen-friendly starch and high quality protein. Golden Flake protected fat can provide additional energy.

“Match nutrition to cow requirements and maximise cow comfort…”

Key facts & figures:

  • Poor post-calving transition will undermine yields, health and fertility

  • Losing 10% early lactation milk can cost a 9,000 litre herd £126/cow1

  • Energy balance, rumen function and quality protein are critical

  • Use KW Soda Wheat to supply starch that’s rumen-friendly

  • Traffordgold will provide energy, digestible fibre and palatability

  • Add British wheat distillers’ feed and SoyPass for rumen-bypass protein

1 Based on 50% annual production in first 100 days, 28ppl milk price.

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