Rising cost of fats forces interest in alternative feeding strategies

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Reducing reliance on rumen-protected fats and instead boosting feed utilisation efficiency is a top priority for milk producers as fat costs continue to rise.

The key is to combine greater digestion in the rumen with maximum feed intakes, such as by adding Molale high sugar liquid feed to boost ration palatability and rumen microbial activity.

Novel plant extract-based supplements designed to enhance digestion and raise intakes are also proving to be highly effective on-farm. Pedigree Jersey farmer Charles Reader used OptiPartum-C to replace half the protected fat in the ration, cutting costs without any detrimental effects on milk fat production.

“…combine greater digestion in the rumen with maximum feed intakes…”

Key facts & figures:

  • Protected fats are an important tool for boosting ration energy supply

  • Global palm oil shortage has raised rumen-protected fat costs up to 40%

  • World fats and oils stocks not expected to fully recover till at least 2018

  • Key is to cut fats use without reducing milk yield, milk quality or fertility

  • Add ration sugars, Vistacell or Acid Buf to boost fermentation efficiency

  • Switching to KW SodaWheat will improve rumen conditions

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