Summer growth critical to heifer performance post-calving

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Maintaining summer heifer growth is vital for 22-24 month calving, with any extra feed cost far less than the losses associated with later entry into the herd.

Heifers calving at 24 months break even halfway through their second lactation, compared to third lactation for those calving at 30 months. Early calving heifers have better fertility, milk yield and survival in the herd.

Young heifers cannot hit growth targets on grass alone, nor can older cattle on poor quality grazing. Supplement with high protein-to-energy ratio feeds to maintain growth rates, support required lean frame growth and help avoid excess fat deposition.

Key facts & figures:

  • 30-month-old calving means rearing 26% more heifers than if calve at 2 years

  • Aim to calve at 24 months at 90% mature bodyweight (85% post-calving)

  • Required growth rate of 0.70‑0.85kg/day is rarely possible on grazing alone

  • Supplement with Traffordgold – palatable, quality protein, easy to feed

  • Precision Lifetime Rearer 17 blend another cost-effective, simple option

  • Custom blends can be adjusted as forage changes and heifers grow

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