Traffordgold hits three million tonnes as demand continues to grow

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KW has this week delivered onto farm the three millionth tonne of Traffordgold. First introduced in October 2001, Traffordgold was one of the first examples where multiple co-product streams from the human food and drink sector were specifically managed to produce a consistent specification animal feed.

“Traffordgold is a 50% dry matter, high energy (13.4MJ ME/kg DM), mid-protein (20% CP) cereal-gluten moist feed that contains high levels of digestible fibre, is highly palatable and offers better value than equivalent dry feeds,” states KW senior nutritionist Mark Scott.

“It’s also easily clamped for storage, with no liquid run-off, and its value is well-proven both on-farm and in numerous independent university trials.”

“…well-proven both on-farm and in numerous independent university trials.”

Replacing 2.75kg of parlour compound with 5kg of Traffordgold, for example, would currently save dairy producers 15p/cow/day, equivalent to around 0.5ppl. For beef finishers, rations based on Traffordgold have been shown to increase growth rates and reduce feed costs – in one Harper Adams University trial, margins were increased by £39/head.

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Traffordgold is a great source of digestible fibre and high quality protein.

“Every single RABDF/NMR Gold Cup winner for the past five years has fed Traffordgold, and KW has delivered more than 114,000 loads of Traffordgold onto UK farms since it was introduced,” Mr Scottcontinues. “With pressure across all sectors to reduce feed costs per unit of output, that demand looks set to remain high as UK livestock farmers continue to seek better value feeds.”

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