Secure winter feeds now to replace silage fed this summer

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High demand means supplies of the best value winter feeds are selling out fast, but quick action to secure contracts now could see margins actually increase.

Using Traffordgold to extend forage stocks can increase ration energy supply, with the additional milk more than covering the extra feed cost. Liquid feeds can also a great option – less acidosis risk than feeding more starch, plus encourage intakes of low quality forages.

Custom blends will also be important this winter, allowing a variety of best value feeds to be accessed. Secured now to take advantage of current prices and availability, formulation can still be changed prior to delivery if needed.

Key facts & figures:

  • Take extra late cuts of grass silage if back end weather allows

  • 4kg FW/cow of Traffordgold will free up 6kg FW/cow of grass silage1

  • Equates to 219t of silage for a 200-cow herd through a six month winter

  • Plus extra 0.75 litres/cow – a 22p/cow income gain2 for 18p/cow cost

  • Brewers’ grains and draff worth considering, but lower value in the ration

  • Spey Syrup or ReguPro38 a good way to supply extra energy and protein

1 In a basal ration supporting maintenance-plus-25 litres
2 Based on 30ppl

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