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The best way to get results from your animals is to make sure that they are being fed the best possible ration. Your KW advisor is perfectly placed to offer up to date industry and ration knowledge.

George Holland

KW Sales Specialist

Brought up on a mixed family farm in Sudbury, Derbyshire, with a primary focus on dairy with beef, young stock and crops, George has spent most of his life working on the farm or with farmers.

A 3 year spell away from farming in the building trade offered a different perspective. The time away gave him the chance to appreciate the beauty of farming. Joining KW in March 2004 as a KW Feeds Specialist provided George with the chance to work with farmers and pursue his natural interest. Trading and selling feeds is a part of the job that delivers a lot of satisfaction, naturally there is a lot of gratitude on George's part for the farmers that trade with him and the company.

Current hobbies have given way to raising a family which is most fulfilling.

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