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John Reading
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07966 476810
telephone: 01264 320823

John Reading

Sales and Technical Advice

John Reading (General Manager) has a wide experience of agriculture both as a grain merchant, partner in a family farm and as a supplier of services to the industry. John's background in farming in the Salisbury area over many years, enables him to appreciate the problems that face the modern farmer, and react in a positive manner, always available to advise or help.

Blends Team Photograph
Call me on
07802 596727
telephone: 01264 320807

Dr Matt Witt

Sales and Technical Advice

Dr Matt Witt has worked as a nutritionist for KW Agri blends for the past 12 years and is currently responsible for our blends plant situated in Bristol, known as Heals. Matt originates from a farming background and his family still farm in Hampshire. He can help you quickly and effectively decide which blend will suit your needs, be it one from our standard range or a more personally designed one, tailored for your individual requirements.

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