Vistacell AB

A combination of live yeast (Vistacell) and rumen buffer (Acid Buf) for increasing milk yield and live weight gain. Vistacell AB works through improving rumen fermentation and buffering changes in rumen pH.


Typical analysis (on a dry matter basis)

Total Fermentable Carbohydrates (%)

Why feed Vistacell AB?

High producing dairy and beef animals consume large quantities of highly acidic feeds (eg. grass silage) or feeds which generate large quantities of acid in the rumen (eg. ground cereals). This places downward pressure on rumen pH, the acid often damaging the rumen microbes – particularly those that digest fibre. Vistacell and Acid Buf complement one another, Acid Buf buffering against this pH drop and Vistacell changing the balance of microbes away from those that produce acid to those that utilise this acid. Ultimately, this leads to higher rumen pH, increased microbial numbers and activity, improved dry matter intakes, milk yield and growth rate.


What are you trying to achieve?

Concentrated, live yeast (Vistacell)

  • Vistacell increases milk yield by up to 2 litres/cow/day, giving a return on investmentof up to 6:1.
  • Fed to growing and finishing beef animals, Vistacell improves growth rate by up to8% and feed conversion efficiency by up to 4.4%.
  • Vistacell has excellent stability to heat, atmospheric moisture and acidic silage. This ensures maximum response once the live yeast cells reach the rumen.

Effective rumen buffering (Acid Buf)

  • The high surface area of the algal material gives sustained buffering over a long period of time, improving milk yield and liveweight gain when feeding acidic rations.

Low inclusion rate

  • 'Frees-up' more space in the ration for energy and protein.


  • Vistacell AB is easy to handle and free-flowing with no lumping.

Recommended daily feed rates (per head basis)

Vistacell AB is particularly suited for the higher producing dairy cow fed large quantities of cereal and acidic forage. It is also effective for use with fast growing beef animals. Vistacell AB is packed in 20kg bags, available as either 4% or 8% concentrations and can therefore easily be incorporated into the ration through a mixer wagon. It can also be incorporated into a blend or top-dressed over forage.

Feeding Rates       4% Premix             8% Premix    
Dairy Cows 100g/head/day 50g/head/day
Growing and Finishing Beef 40g/head/day NA

Availability, handling and storage

Vistacell AB is available nationally, minimum order size 0.5t. Vistacell AB should be stored in cool, dry conditions and used within 6 months.


Additional information

Method of production

Vistacell is produced using a specialist drying process that gives a highly stable product, resulting in a greater response from the animal when fed.

Acid Buf is harvested as dead, red algae from the Atlantic sea bed.

Quality Assurance

Vistacell complies with Feed Additives Regulation 1831/2003 where it is authorised for inclusion in the diets of dairy cows, beef cattle, sows and piglets. Vistacell is produced to FEMAS assured standards and is approved for use in organic systems.

Vistacell AB is a blend of Vistacell and Acid Buf. At the recommended feed rate for a dairy cow, Vistacell AB (4% premix) provides 50 billion yeast cells and 96g of Acid Buf per day.

Strain; Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL 39885.Vistacell is specifically manufactured by AB Mauri Ltd, a sister company of AB Agri Ltd.

Acid Buf is produced by Celtic Sea Minerals to FEMAS assured standards.

Legal disclaimer

Vistacell AB should only be used in diets where recommended by a suitably qualified person. Furthermore, as feeding is only one part of overall animal influence, no performance guarantees can be made. Any figures and prices are subject to change at any time due to market fluctuations.

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Vistacell AB


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