A live yeast for increasing milk yield and live weight gain through improved rumen function.

Rumen EfficiencyAcidosis RiskMilk YieldLiveweight Gain

Why feed Vistacell?

To support today's higher milk yields, dairy cows need to consume and digest large quantities of high energy feeds. This can be a challenge for the rumen and often fermentation is sub-optimal, resulting in lower than expected milk yields. The problem is the same for fast growing beef animals. Furthermore, many preserved forages are highly acidic and depress rumen pH (even lush spring grass can have this effect).

Vistacell improves rumen fermentation by scavenging oxygen which is toxic to rumen microbes; reducing the number of bacteria that produce lactic acid and increasing the lactic acid utilising bacteria. This elevates rumen pH which means fibre-digesting bacteria are positively affected. Additionally Vistacell supplies specific nutrients that stimulate the growth of fibre digesting bacteria. The risk of acidosis when feeding highly fermentable concentrate and acidic forage is therefore reduced, and fibre digestion improved.

The overall effect is improved fibre digestion and dry matter intake, resulting in greater productivity, better condition score and improved dung consistency.


What are you trying to achieve?

Need Feature Benefit
Improve milk yield   Concentrated, live yeast    Vistacell increases milk yield by up to 2 litres/cow/day, giving a return on investment of up to 6:1
Increased ADG

Acceleratedgrowth rate

Fed to growing and finishing beef animals, Vistacellimproves growth rate by up to 8% and feed conversion effificiency by up to 4.4%.

Highly stable

Heat stable live yeast Vistacell has excellent stability to heat atmospheric moisture and acidic silage. This ensures maximum response once the live yeast cells reach the rumen.
Easy to handle Friable free flowing granules available in bags Vistacell is sold as a ready-to-use premix, making it easy to handle and incorporate into rations.

The predicted responses (benefits) assume that the specified nutrient, physical or structural dietary components are limited livestock performance in the current ration.


Recommended daily feed rates (per head basis)

Include in TMR, top-dress over forage or include in a blend. Can be used in combination with AcidBuf if encountering acidosis.

Dairy Cows         100g/head/day (4% Premix) 50g/head/day (8% Premix)  
Dry Cows      50g/head/day (8% Premix)
Growing Beef      50g/head/day (4% Premix)
Finishing Beef      50g/head/day (4% Premix)
Sheep/Goats      25g/head/day (4% Premix)
Horses      50g/head/day (4% Premix)

* 8% premix recommended for dry cows - check ration for overall calcium content


Availability, handling and storage

Vistacell is available nationally in 20kg plastic bags, minimum order size 0.5t. The product remains stable for at least 12 months after the date of manufacture when stored in a cool, dry place.


Additional information

Method of production

Live yeasts are fragile and must be delivered to the rumen in the live form, otherwise the benefits are lost. Vistacell is produced using a specialist drying process that results in the production of granules which have an outer layer of dead yeast cells protecting the inner 'core' of live yeast. This gives a highly stable product, resulting in a greater response from the animal when fed.

Vistacell is supplied on a limestone carrier. At the recommended feed rate for a dairy cow, Vistacell provides 50 billion yeast cells/day. Strain; Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL 39885.

Vistacell is specifically manufactured by AB Mauri Ltd, a sister company of AB Agri Ltd.

Quality Assurance

Vistacell (CAS 68878-77-7) complies with Feed Additives Regulation 1831/2003 where it is authorised for inclusion in the diets of dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, goats, sows and piglets. Vistacell is produced to FEMAS assured standards and is approved for use in organic systems.

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