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  • ProtoTec
    Similar in rumen bypass protein (DUP) to Soya Bean Meal, ProtoTec is a cost-effective proven alterna...
  • SoyPass®
    A soya based product supplying twice the quantity of rumen bypass protein as Hipro Soya Bean Meal. &...
  • NovaPro
    NovaPro is a high energy, hot pressed rumen protected rapeseed expeller supplying similar quantity o...
  • Rapeseed Expeller
    Rapeseed Expeller is a high energy, hot pressed rapeseed expeller
  • KW Alternative Feeds Homepage
    This is the KW Alternative Feeds Homepage- for all your dairy, beef, sheep and pig feeding needs.
  • Butterfat Extra
    A rumen protected fat extremely high in energy and C16 fatty acids, to boost milk production and mil...
  • Product filter
    Product filter- search our products to find a suitable KW feed for your animals
  • Blends Calculator
    Blends Calculator - forumate blends and get quotes
  • Agriscot
    Agriscot event
  • AgriScot
    AgriScot Wednesday 20 November 2013 AgriScot, now widely regarded as one of the premier events in ...
Displaying 1 - 10 of 115 matches
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