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  • KW Alternative Feeds Homepage
    This is the KW Alternative Feeds Homepage- for all your dairy, beef, sheep and pig feeding needs.
  • Product filter
    Product filter- search our products to find a suitable KW feed for your animals
  • Blends Calculator
    Blends Calculator - forumate blends and get quotes
  • KW Complete Soda Balancer
    High specification zero sodium supplement, for feeding to lactating dairy cows fed 3kg or more of feed ingredients treated with caustic soda such as KW SodaWheat. Where less caustic treated products are fed salt containing supplements such as Complete Dai
  • Agriscot
    Agriscot event
  • AgriScot
    AgriScot Wednesday 20 November 2013 AgriScot, now widely regarded as one of the premier events in ...
  • KW Alternative Feeds
    KW Alternative Feeds - an overiew of the KW business
  • KW Soda Wheat
    KW Soda Wheat provides high energy from slowly fermentable starch plus rumen buffering.
  • Precision Intensive Finisher
    Information on Precision Intensive Finisher + Vistacell Blend
  • Bananamaster
    An extremely palatable banana flavoured, molasses based high sugar liquid providing a source of pred...
Displaying 1 - 10 of 107 matches
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